Puyuhuapi musings

We came to Puyuhuapi today as our base to explore Parque Nacional Quelette. The village was only founded in 1935 by German immigrants and is a quiet, comfortable community located at the end of a fjord. 


We got the last room at Hosteria Alemana, overlooking the flower and vegetable garden and a bit of the fjord. We were greeted at the desk by a lively bouquet of sunflowers and yarrow from the yard.

The owners are avid gardeners and the grounds are resplendent with an exuberant late summed English-style garden, with Southern Hemisphere touches like Araucaria trees. 
We arrived at El Muelle at 7:25 for dinner, alas no dinner until 8, so we headed to the seashore by the plaza to watch the sea. 

Sitting by the shore we watched seals feed in the fjord as the Jhonatan I came into dock, it’s skipper dropping off a load of fish for waiting customers. Families, couples, dogs and tourists ambled by to enjoy the view as they went on their way. Two older tourist couples shared a picnic freshly bought at the minimercado. The seals move about the harbor as they feed. The water is still enough to waterski on, not quite glass, but smooth save for the seals’ ripples. The sun is slowly setting and the clouds oh-so-gradually darken and color in shades of pale peach. The water is rippling in a mid breeze as the sunset begins to reflect the sky, it’s a scene you can imagine Monet painting.        

Another customer comes for Jhonatan I’s fish and another boat lands and passengers from an excursion depart. 

As the dusk deepens the water is a silken steely blue reflecting the darkening sky.

The stars are immediately visible at late dusk and we’ll gaze upon the Milky Way and make a wish before sleep tonight. 


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