Pleasures of June

I’ve lost count of the days and weeks in these first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re used to frequent travel – work, family, pleasure, adventure. Last month I did a look-back at the “photos of May” and where we’ve been. I did that again today, amazed that June 2020 just passed. Time has taken on new meaning.

When the kids were growing up we often went on vacation in June, right after school let out. Here in Florida school lets our earlier than other states – so – we were able to take advantage of getting away before many other school districts let out and had places pretty much to ourselves. A couple of personal favorites of mine were trips to New Mexico and Belize.

New Mexico, Gila Wilderness. This was our first vacation as a blended family and we chose a horseback trek to the Gila Wilderness in SW NM. Horses, camping, night skies, beavers at dusk, family.

Family with trek herding dog
Photos in this era have their own special, “vintage” quality. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lunch and a rest
Just about dinner time

Belize. The next year we went to southern, coastal Belize. Ron knew local outfitters from his NGO work and they shared the amazing places where they live and work. We snorkeled 30 miles offshore, equidistant from Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. The mental images I retain from that trip still calm my soul.

Offshore lunch
Swimming hole
Impossibly beautiful color
I’m working on a small tapestry of this image

Although, the vacation pics I keep of my kids at my desk are from their first trip to northern California.

Point Lobos trail

There were other family trips to Chicago and Colorado.

Breathtaking landscape near Vail and Leadville (where my fraternal grandmother was born and her dad was a lawyer)

As a consulting ecologist there were many field expeditions during June in support of our projects.

Golden sunset in Golden, CO
Like a fairyland, this project’s landscape architects were blown away by this special habitat, Coastal Scrub, Gulf Co., FL
Apalachicola River, Calhoun Co., FL, MANY memories of this river

Or just for fun.

Dwarf cypress in a pitcher plant savannah, one of the planet’s more magical and magnificent locations, Liberty Co, FL

On to July.


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