Baby blanket odyssey begins

We mothers hope that we will, eventually, become grandmothers. Happily, I’m an expectant grandmother! Soon after learning this I began planning a baby blanket, new territory for me. My daughter Helen, the expectant mom, shares my joy of color, which we share with her namesake, my grandmother Helen. The brighter the better, the more fun the better, the more harmonious the the better.

Obviously color would be an integral element. When I was pregnant with her, my firstborn, I studied color in relation to child development. What color should I paint her room? Of course, back in the day we didn’t know her gender and we had to plan for either a boy or a girl. Being freed from the typical color constrictions of boy vs. girl was it was a simpler assessment. Yellow was chosen color for the room, and a bright happy yellow it was! Similarly, who knows at the earliest stages of pregnancy today what gender to expect? So, again, I planned a blanket based on yellow.

I struggle with perfectionism and went over and over the various baby blanket patterns I had one hand in issues of Handwoven and other various weaving publications. But the simplest decision was what colors to use, with the blanket based in yellow. But then what to support the yellow – blues, greens, reds, oranges? Should it be a citrusy blend? Monet-ish? Or monochromatic? This thinking was taking up a lot of mental energy and one lovely spring afternoon here in Orlando as I was driving to yoga and marveling at the fresh bright greens of the trees along the road and brilliant blue sky and knew those were my other colors. They arrived today from my friends at Lunatic Fringe Yarns. And here they are!


May the weaving commence!


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